West seneca youth hockey

23/24 Season


The West Seneca Youth Hockey Association is committed to delivering the most comprehensive youth hockey programs available to all youth of all ages. Below is information about the 22/23 youth hockey season. Please direct question about our teams to the travel coach listed below our our VP of House Hockey with question about our house program.

23/24 Travel Coaches

Registration for Travel Tryouts opens Saturday February 18, 2023 for 12U and below. A Tryout fee of $20 will be collected during your registration.

Mite Minor Gold (2016)Padriac Allman716-984-2740
padriac1122@yahoo.comFebruary 28th and March 1st
Mite Full Ice (2016/2015) All Elite Mite LeagueNate Miller716-785-4493goaliecoach20@gmail.comFebruary 28th and March 1st
Mite Major Blue (2015)Matt English716-860-1520mattenglish82@yahoo.comFebruary 28th and March 1st
Mite Major Gold (2015)Bob Janosz716-308-9224 info@bobjanosz.comFebruary 28th and March 1st
Squirt Minor Blue (2014)Pat Martino716-860-7767pm1443@icloud.comFebruary 28th and March 1st
Squirt Minor Gold (2014)Nick Tuzz716-208-4725ntuzzolino@gmail.comFebruary 28th and March 1st
Squirt Major Blue (2013)Pat Martino716-860-7767pm1443@icloud.comFebruary 28th and March 1st
Squirt Major Gold (2013)Tim Weixlmann716-390-4878wswingshockey@gmail.comFebruary 28th and March 1st
PeeWee Minor Blue (2012)Mike Suto716-523-8393katz1522@yahoo.comFebruary 28th and March 1st
PeeWee Minor Gold (2012)Dan Owczarczak716-480-1920owczarczak_21@hotmail.comFebruary 28th and March 1st
PeeWee Major Blue (2011)Nick Carter716-465-7924nbcarter17@gmail.comFebruary 28th and March 1st
PeeWee Major TB (2011)Matt Healy716-628-0283mhealy16@gmail.comFebruary 28th and March 1st
Bantam Minor Blue (2010)Kevin Doering716-574-0783kevindoering@yahoo.comApril 4th and 5th
Bantam Minor Gold (2010)Ray Krug716-912-6518kraymo54@yahoo.comApril 4th and 5th
Bantam Major Blue (2009)Rob Westin716-680-2151rwestin03@yahoo.comApril 4th and 5th
Bantam Major TB (2009)Chris Ciamaga716-553-3564Chris.ciamaga@gmail.comApril 4th and 5th
Midget 16U WhiteJosh Cooke716-597-5329josh.cooke21@aol.comApril 4th and 5th
Midget 16U BlueRocco Dellaneve716-432-9728ddella1219@aol.comApril 4th and 5th
Midget 16U GoldTom Alberalla716-553-6271thomasalberalla@aol.comApril 4th and 5th
Midget 18U David Cox716-431-2652coxdw@buffalostate.eduApril 4th and 5th


Step 1

USA Hockey Registration opens on April 1st, if you are registering for a team before April 1st please skip this step, register for the team, and edit your registration form after April 1st with your 23-24 USA Hockey number. 

All Players must register each year online with USA Hockey before registering with WSYHA. Be sure to PRINT and SAVE the 9 digit/5 alpha confirmation code.  Each player must have their own unique USA Hockey confirmation number.  (USA Hockey registration opens April 1st)

Please note the 2023/2024 USA Hockey Number will have a 4 as the 4th digit.

Step 2- Register for WSYHA

  •  When preparing to register for WSYHA, please have the email you received from registration@usahockey.org available for reference. You will need your child's 2023-2024 USA Hockey number. The 4th digit of a valid 2023/2024 USA Hockey Number will be a 4. (USA Hockey registration opens April 1st, please return to your registration after April 1st to add your number).
  • Please have your child's medical insurance information available.
  • A minimum deposit is required for registration.  $50 for house hockey and $300 for travel hockey.
  • LeagueApps registration Help

Registration Opens
February 28, 2023 for 12U and below
April 5, 2023 for 14U and above

Age Classification

Year of BirthAge CategoryAge Division
20185 Years6 or under (Mini-Mite)
20176 Years6 or under (Mini-Mite)
20167 Years8 Or Under (Mite)
20158 Years8 or Under (Mite)
20149 Years 10 or Under (Squirt)
201310 Years10 or Under (Squirt)
201211 Years12 or Under (Pee Wee)
201112 Years12 or Under (Pee Wee)
201013 Years13 or Under (Bantam)
200914 Years14 or Under (Bantam)
200815 Years16 & Under (Midget)
200716 Years16 & Under (Midget)
200617 Years18 & Under (Midget)
200518 Years18 & Under (Midget)

Team Fees

Mini MiteTBD
Pee WeeTBD
DivisionTeam Fee
Mite Minor Blue (2016)
Mite Minor Gold (2016)
Mite Major Blue (2015)
Mite Major Gold (2015)
Squirt Minor Blue (2014)
Squirt Minor Gold (2014)
Squirt Major Blue (2013)
Squirt Major Gold (2013)
PeeWee Minor Blue (2012)
PeeWee Minor Gold (2012)
PeeWee Major Blue (2011)
PeeWee Major TB (2011)
Bantam Minor Blue (2010)
Bantam Minor Gold (2010)
Bantam Major Blue (2009)
Bantam Major TB (2009)
Midget 16U White
Midget 16U Blue
Midget 16U Gold
Midget 18U

Have any questions? contact us Info@WestSenecaYouthHockey.com