West seneca youth hockey

2024-2025 Tryouts


The West Seneca Youth Hockey Association is committed to delivering the most comprehensive youth hockey programs available to all youth of all ages. Below is information about the 24/25 travel hockey coaches. Please direct question about our teams to the travel coach listed below.

Registration for our tryouts will begin 10 days before the tryout. Tryout fee of $25 must be paid at the time of registration.

2024-2025 Girls Coaches

TeamCoachPhoneEmailTryout Day 1Tryout Day 2
10U Girls- BlueKyle Skoney716-341-8412skoney55@gmail.comMarch 5th- 7:10pm @West SenecaMarch 6th- 6:00pm @ Leisure
10U Girls- GoldDerrick Rose716-913-1306derrickrose28@gmail.comMarch 5th- 7:10pm @West SenecaMarch 6th- 6:00pm @Leisure
12U Girls- BlueAdam Golder716-400-1436agolder29@yahoo.comMarch 5th- 7:10pm @LeisureMarch 6th- 6:00pm @Leisure
12U Girls- GoldMark Gaiser716-983-7919mdgaiser2@gmail.comMarch 5th- 7:10pm @LeisureMarch 6th- 6:00pm @Leisure
14U Girls- GoldBryan Amplement716-341-1434bryan.amplement@yahoo.comApril 9thApril 10th
16U Girls- GoldTBDApril 9thApril 10th

2024-2025 Boys Coaches

TeamCoachPhoneEmailTryout Day 1Tryout Day 2
6u Development (2018)Scott Bradley716-796-9511sbradley@cpgco.comMarch 5th- 5:00pm @LeisureMarch 7th- 5:00pm @West Seneca
Mite Minor Gold (2017)Pat Davis716-270-3042patrickdavis8@gmail.comMarch 5th- 5:00pm @West Seneca March 7th- 6:00pm @West Seneca
Mite Major Gold (2016)Chris Ciamaga716-553-3564Chris.ciamaga@gmail.comMarch 5th- 4:00pm @West SenecaMarch 7th- 6:00pm @West Seneca
Squirt Minor Blue (2015)Matt English716-860-1520mattenglish82@yahoo.comMarch 5th- 6:30pm @LeisureMarch 6th- 5:00pm @West Seneca
Squirt Minor Gold (2015)Mark Mingle716-860-3323mmingle11@gmail.comMarch 5th- 6:00pm @LeisureMarch 6th- 4:00pm @West Seneca
Squirt Major Blue (2014)Pat Martino716-860-7767pm1443@icloud.comMarch 5th- 6:30pm @West Seneca March 6th- 5:00pm @Leisure
Squirt Major Gold (2014)Eric Doeringedoe1336@yahoo.comMarch 5th- 6:00pm @West Seneca March 6th- 4:00pm @Leisure
PeeWee Minor Blue (2013)Pat Martino716-860-7767pm1443@icloud.comMarch 5th- 8:50pm @LeisureMarch 6th- 8:00pm @Leisure
PeeWee Minor Gold (2013)Tim Weixlmann716-390-4878wswingshcky74@hotmail.comMarch 5th- 8:00pm @LeisureMarch 6th- 7:00pm @West Seneca
PeeWee Major Blue (2012)Jay Burgess716-913-5481Jasonjburgess@yahoo.comMarch 5th- 8:40pm @West Seneca March 6th- 8:00pm @Leisure
PeeWee Major TB (2012)Dan Owczarczak716-480-1920owczarczak_21@hotmail.comMarch 5th- 8:00pm @West SenecaMarch 6th- 7:00pm @Leisure
Bantam Minor Blue (2011)Tim Trapp716-491-4025tim.trapp@gmail.com
April 9th April 10th
Bantam Minor Gold (2011)Matt Healy716-628-0283mhealy16@gmail.comApril 9thApril 10th
Bantam Major Blue (2010)Kevin Doering716-574-0783kevindoering@yahoo.comApril 9thApril 10th
Bantam Major TB (2010)Ray Krug716-912-6518kraymo54@yahoo.comApril 9thApril 10th
Midget 15U Mike Yeomans716-204-6621mjy76@icloud.comApril 9thApril 10th
Midget 16U TBTom Alberalla716-553-6271thomasalberalla@aol.comApril 9thApril 10th
Midget 18URocco Dellaneve716-432-9728ddella1219@aol.comApril 9thApril 10th
Midget 18U TBDavid Cox716-430-7921icescheduler@westsenecayouthhockey.comApril 9thApril 10th

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